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We are well-equipped to protect your family members accused of crimes, to get you the freedom from your unhappy domestic situation, and the recovery you need to make you whole. We help you get your life back.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes are terrible. We help make things right. We strive to impose our will on every insurance company to get you your just deserts. When the insurance company refuses to pay, we're not afraid to take it to trial. 

Criminal Defense

Good people in bad situations deserve an attorney who will take the case to trial--to actually fight to clear your name. Don't just accept the state's "deal."  Call Jesse W. Duarte immediately for an evaluation of your case. 

Divorce & Child Custody

Stop living in constant strife. You deserve a happy home. Your children deserve happier parents. It's time to stand up for yourself and your family. Do what you know is right, break the cycle, and call our office to start your new life.